Research areas:

Structural Health Monitoring | Damage Identification | Condition Assessment of Bridges | Structural Dynamics | Machine Learning | Pattern Recognition | Finite Element Modeling | Digital Twins of Bridges

Special | Climate change adaptation of our infrastructures

Special | Novo Aeroporto de Lisboa

Special | Reconstruction of Ukraine

Carlos Matias Ramos e Elói Figueiredo (2020). "Civil Engiineering: A perspective on the training and profession". Edições Universitárias Lusófonas. ISBN 978-989-757-133-6. (in Portuguese)

IMAC Best Paper Award: Computer Vision and Laser Vibrometry Technical Division Sponsored by Trilion Quality Systems and Polytec

This award was established to recognize authors of outstanding papers presented at IMAC.  Papers are judged for their value as contributions to existing knowledge of computer vision and optical techniques and primarily with respect to their value as an original contribution to the subject matter. This award was sponsored Trilion Quality Systems, and you will also receive a $500 prize.

January 27, 2021

Provas de Agregação (Habilitation Exam)

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto | January 5 and 6, 2022

Title of the lesson "Three decades of statistical pattern recognition paradigm for SHM of bridges"

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Structural health monitoring algorithm comparisons using standard data sets

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